As YPIDA we are very happy and proud to share with you that our 2nd project which will take place in Berlin in cooperation with Kleiner Fratz GmbH, has been approved by Jugend in Aktion.

Our motivation and energy are at a high level  to welcome you in Berlin, one of the most important cities in the World.

You can find all the detailed information about the project and the necessary technical issues in this page. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything you want to ask.


Youth Participation and Intercultural Dialogue Association (YPIDA) brings together young people from different cultures, religions, languages and backgrounds to produce a solution to their problems; improve their capacities and creativity; ensuring that young people are active individuals; to raise awareness on issues such as world peace, human rights, democracy and contemporary education; was established in Ankara in 2008 as an NGO.

in order to carry out activities related to discrimination, unemployment, poverty, Islamophobia, xenophobia, radicalism, terrorism and similar issues and to carry out projects on national and international platforms.

The YPIDA family has created sustainable and developable partnerships in the last 10 years by cooperating with various organizations in the Balkans, Caucasus, South Korea and America, especially in Europe, Middle East and North Africa countries. Our successful partnerships we have established and the active network we have established have opened our offices in Berlin in 2013 and in Barcelona in 2017. We are working to open a representative office in Palestine and Egypt in 2018. We are happily celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2018; we have become a global family that is active in the field of youth.

We would like to share some statistics with you on the topics summarized above.
– Direct management of 30 international projects has been carried out;
– Nearly 1000 participants from 40 different countries were hosted;
– Close to 50 projects have been jointly owned and more than 250 young people have been sent to these projects;
– has been cooperated with more than 500 foreign organizations and institutions;
– Branched out  in 3 different countries;
– Budget management over EUR 750,000 has been carried out.



The “Kleiner Fratz” GmbH is a non-profit company for family, education, child and youth welfare and has the sponsorship of various educational institutions in Berlin. These provide social services for children and their parents.

The “Haus der Familie” belongs to “Kleiner Fratz GmbH” and exists since 2010. It is a meeting place for the whole family, especially the “Familiencafé,” which offers families and children the opportunity to meet other people, exchange ideas, and spend a pleasant time together. Extracurricular activities are also offered to promote the everyday competencies of families: i.e. support for newborns, preparing children for kindergarten and school, counseling services, and development of transcultural skills.  It is an open house for all people from different countries and cultures – everyone is welcome! The pedagogues and social workers are always available and will help with questions or problems concerning a wide range of topics.



“POMEGRANATE” Project is the joint effort aiming at changing the lives of refugees, which serves as an action framework for NGO’s and will monitor progress in accelerating social inclusion and creating spaces for successful dialogue opportunities for further inclusion to social, economic and democratic life. Within the framework of the training course four priority areas we will defined: education, employment, health, housing. The participating countries has to develop National Action Plans indicating goals to be achieved for the areas mentioned.

The Project, having foreseen the action plan for the NGOs in order to encourage and accelerate the social inclusion and thus the attempt to create dialogue on social, economic and democratic inclusion. During the entire project, the current situation of refugees in our partner countries will be examined through reports, statistics and presentations as well as information from our local partners as such. All analysis will focus on the problematics of refugees on education, employment, health, and housing as the four prior areas. The participants of the projects will create national action plan together with other NGO’s, citizens and institutions with the help of our training course content and strategy plans right after when they go back to their countries.

During 7 days of TC participants besides the deep analysis of the current situations and policies and ad-hoc strategies of the countries towards refugees. Further will develop new methods and tools of work that can be implemented in order to combat exclusion of youth with migrant background and support equity and dialogue between them and their peers in countries of migration. In order to immerse deeply into the topic participants will be experiencing and reflect during the simulation game. This game will help to try between being “inside” an environment and being an outsider looking in.


  • To explore and understand the entire process that leads to social exclusion of refugees;
  • To identify the competences that young people can develop in connection with refugees and mobility;
  • To develop methods of youth work that can contribute to combating exclusion of young migrants and radicalization of youth;
  • To raise awareness on the topic of intercultural communication;
  • To ensure immersive understanding of profile and social problems of refugees in Europe;
  • To equip the participants with skills concerning dialogue, negotiation, mediation and tolerance;
  • To teach basic tools in  videography and to realize several video materials regarding the topic;
  • To enable youth workers practice their skills and competences in the field of resolving conflicts.
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