MACBET targets to take the first steps to make a network between 37 young journalists, media workers and volunteers who come from 15 different NGOs and countries which are Middleat East, Africa, Caucasus, Balkans, Europe ve Turkey. Because, the media has a key role on the intercultural dialog and societies. We, who understand the  importance of it, want to play host to coalesce the different cultures and to bring together the east and west synthesis by setting up a network with young journalists who have different geography, culture and life style.

In this regard, the youth, who will come from Albania, Azarbaijan, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Egytp, Germany, Italy, Jordan, Kosovo, Macedonia, Palestine, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey and meet in Ankara, will teach their different study methods to each other with several workshops, discuss about nearby geography and modern-day media with thematic sessions, have professional information about Turkey with business visits and they will have chance to be closely acquainted with each other’s culture with special activities and cultural nights. The youth will shoot the project’s film with the activities which will be done by them. Besides, they will compose the project’s blog page together and share the media situation of their countries’ with all participators.


Welcome Ypida

We are a young non-governmental organization (NGO), focused in all topics refereed to youngsters. We developed mainly audiovisual media, human rights and employment projects,always with the youth people as a protagonists.