We attented to 3rd Turkic Council Youth Festival

Recently , As family of Ypida , we attented 3rd Turkic Council Youth Festival as a member of Turkic Council. Youth festival organized by Turkic Council with the help of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Youth and Sports. We are honored to share the same platform with the delegates of Azerbaijan, Kazakhistan, Kirgizistan, Uzbekhistan, Hungary and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
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Geçtiğimiz günlerde YPIDA ailesi olarak üye olduğumuz Türk Konseyi’nin, Gençlik ve Spor Bakanlığı destekleriyle Türkiye, Azerbaycan, Kazakistan, Kırgızistan, Özbekistan, Kuzey Kıbrıs Türk Cumhuriyeti, Macaristan ve Bosna Hersek’ten gençleri bir araya getiren 3. Türk Konseyi Gençlik Festivalinde yerimizi almış bulunmaktayız. Dünya ve Türk gençlerini bir araya getiren gelecek program ve projeler için lütfen takipte kalınız.

Meditators – Jerusalem

Our world is rapidly drifting into chaos, wars are turning all around us.
It is up to us to find a solution to the problem of conflict that has become the plague of today.
That is why YPIDA is going back to Palestine and Jerusalem with young people comes from the background of conflict.
If you want to contribute to world peace, stay with us.
Details of the project will be shared on our website very soon.

19th International Youth Forum, Baku

The training coordination of the 19th International Youth Forum held in Baku in August 2019, under the management of the International Youth Committee and the Association of Qan Donors, was carried out by our association. You can find all the information about the forum held to draw attention to the importance of blood donation on a global scale from the link below.


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