Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic

Dear youth and followers of YPIDA Family,
We are truly sorry to hear and follow the news on coronavirus pandemic. YPIDA is standing against this virus and ready to take any actions to fight against it with all of ours branches. Today we feel the pain of those who lost families and all of our thoughts and prays are with them.
Solidarity and helping each other will be the key to overcome this bad days of our world as always.
As YPIDA, we are keep working from today to make out tomorrow’s better after we come through this pandemic.
Please keep safe, stay at home, respect the social distance and let’s continue helping eachother to have better future all together.


Announcement about Mediators Project  

As YPIDA International, we have been working on our upcoming project Innovative Approaches on Conflict Resolution – Mediators Jerusalem.

As we annouced before, The Project supposed to be held in Bethlehem, Hebron and Jerusalem between the dates 06-15 April 2020. However, Israeli Goverment ordered a two-week quarantine on people arriving from several european countries due to coronovirus suspects.

We, YPIDA Family, have deepest concerns about the latest news that we have been facing through in global level. Furthermore, we have decided to postpone the project to 26th of May earliest. We are trying to do our best to implement our project in most pleasent way. So please follow us to get latest updates about the project.

Mediators Project – Jerusalem

We officially started to working on the upcoming project “Innovative Approaches on Conflict Resolution – Mediators Jerusalem”, which is funded by Erasmus+ Program and supported by Turkish National Agency.
The Project will be held in Bethlehem, Hebron and Jerusalem between the dates 06-15 April 2020.
If you believe that you are a ChangeMaker, you like challenges and come from following countries, please just have a look on the infooack and apply to us.

Participating Countries:
Turkey, Palestine, Armenia, Greece, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Serbia, Kosovo, Italy, Spain and Germany.



Application Form