Happy New Year 2018

We say hello to the year 2018 and on this last day of the year, as the YPIDA Family, we hope that all humanity will be able to do the accounting for each year we spend.
In this context, we wanted to share important events that have affected our lives from our own perspective in the past year and to share with you what we did in 2017.

  • Trump was elected president, we were immediately influenced and started to see various movements in the Arabs and of course North Korea,
  • Brexit took place.
  • The Qatar crisis broke out. Under the leadership of Saudi Arabia, a group of Arab countries imposed an embargo on Qatar,
  • There was a military coup in Turkey,
  • We heard a lot more about the “proxy wars” that we knew about for a long term,
  • The war in Syria continued. Russia emerged stronger from this process. Finally, the Mediterranean has become a region as they want,
  • The war continued between Saudi Arabia and Iran in Yemen.
  • Of course China did not stop growing. Expected to be the world’s largest economy before it began to be called.
  • We have witnessed terrors in the cities, at the concerts, at the XMas markets with the trucks.
  • We started hearing about “BitCoin” more often.
  • We started to see a process of globalization and decentralization. Parallel to this, we have witnessed the rise of nationalist trends.
  • We witnessed a massive Muslim massacre in Myanmar
  • The Catalans still want independence, but for the first time they have come to such a serious dimension and have seen various politicians arrested. The solution is unknown, but we have seen that freedom has a limit in Europe as well.
  • North Korea has made dozens of bomb tests. The latest figures say the fuze is about 4700km high and it can hit Washington DC.
  • We watched Saudi Arabia take all the royal family in custody. The cards have been redistributed in this area.
  • Germany still has no coalition,
  • Gun sales increased.
  • Trump made the anticipation and proclaimed Jerusalem as the capital.
  • Distinguished scientists and artists passed away.

Unfortunately we see that in 2017 there are no good things as the previous years. We strongly wish that we will have more peace and less conflict in 2018.

As YPIDA Family, we have continued to make a full-fledged tradition in order to make the world a better place this year, as it has been for 9 years.

We tried to give young people more mobility opportunities. We continued to train young people on various topics. We continued to encourage young people to learn from other cultures. We continued to work towards young people becoming world citizens.
In this context,

  • Social Innovation – Young Entrepreneurship Traning, Istanbul, 26 participants from 11 countries,
  • Connectors Project, Hebron, Jerusalem, 33 participants from 12 countries,
  • Social Inclusion of Migrants Project, Izmir, 10 countries, 33 participants
  • We continued to contribute to world peace by going again to Seoul.
  • We were involved in the issue of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy.
  • We continued to establish new partnerships.

We want to open a parenthesis, the most special event for us in 2017 was the project we had organized on Alternative Conflict Resolution in Palestine. We believe that in the nearest time we will celebrate our 10th anniversary with other projects in those impressive lands.
We are excited that we are going to celebrate our 10th anniversary; on the other hand we wish that the sad events we share above end.

“We wish the New Year to bring health, happiness, peace, success, to all of us.”

Onur Oguz Dellal
Founding Director

Merry Christmas

Since 2008, YPIDA has been working with different organizations from all over the world with our all respect to different cultures and colors of the world.
As YPIDA INTERNATIONAL family we believe that our differences makes us stronger.
We wish happy holidays and merry Christmas to all our friends and potential partners.

YPIDA will be in Seoul for peace.

#ypida #peace #hwpl #ipyg #warp

YPIDA will participate to the 3rd WARP Summit on the invitation of HWPL and IPYG.

The Founding President Onur Oguz Dellal will represent out association which will be from September 17th to September 19th in Seoul, South Korea.

Stay in touch about more news from Seoul.

Social Inlusion of Migrants Project has been approved by Erasmus+ Program

YPIDA International after having realized several projects on conflicts, intercultural dialogue and resolution of conflicts now we are going to focus on one of important topic is “Social Inclusion and Diversity”.

Our new training course “Social Inclusion of Migrants Project” has been approved by Turkish National Agency under the Erasmus+ Program. 

First of all, huge thank you for your trust and support in application for this very valuable project and taking part thanks to your existence we find the power and encouragement in this new adventure in youth field.

You can download the infobook for more details about the project:

Infobook_Social Inclusion of Migrants_by_YPIDA

30 Agustos Zafer Bayrami

Ulkemizin gelecegi icin canini feda eden onbinlerce kahraman sehitlerimizi, buyuk komutan Mustafa Kemal Ataturk ve silah arkadaslarini rahmetle aniyoruz.


We successfully finished Connectors Project in Palestine

“Training Course on Alternative Conflict Resolution Project” was successfully concluded in Palestine, which is the second stop of our long journey to resolve the conflicts especially in our near geography and to make peace in all around the world. Within the scope of the project, we made a series of studies including Hebron, Bethlehem and Jerusalem cities were carried out.

We performed our simulation game, which is the main theme of our project about on conflict resolution, and we have done some studies in the Youth Development Resource Center in Hebron, one of the oldest cities in the world. During our time in Hebron we visited the Abraham Mosque and during our visit, we witnessed how our Palestinian friends living in Hebron. We witnessed that how they struggled and suffered from the borders built by Israel in their own hometown.

We performed our visit to AIDA Camp in Bethlehem and witnessed other victimization. We were able to talk with the young people who were born and raised in the refugee camp and who are administrators to there now. During our visit, we had the opportunity to watch the dance show from young people who living in AIDA Camp. ALLOWRAD Organization has been lead us during our visiting.

During our visit to Bethlehem in spite of the walls, this city has The Walled off Hotel, built by Bansky, for attract to more tourists, and we had the opportunity to listen to the hotels story from the owners. We ended our Bethlehem program with a visit to the Native Church.

and finally Jerusalem!!!

We separated the last two days of our project to Jerusalem and found the opportunity to discover this unique the city.We started our Jerusalem program with a visit to the PASSIA Foundation, which has been workingaround 40 years about conflict. Here, Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi is President, told us his comments about the conflict between Palestine and Israel. Following this visit, we visited the Turkish Embassy in Jerusalem, that was the last official program of our project. Mr. Ambassador HüsnüGurcanTürkoğlu gave information about Turkey’s position as a strong actor in the Middle East and the aid given to Palestine.

We had the opportunity to visit and feel Old Town in Jerusalem, and all of our participants have enjoyed with the inspiration of this moment. We spent the last day of our project as a free time. In the meantime, some of our participants found the opportunity to see Death Sea.

Our world is being dragged into a terrible war. Due to economic wars or the rules chosen by the energy wars pushing us faster to more conflict and more insolvency.This situation is extremely worrying and upsetting us. We want to inform the whole world that ; as an individual or as an organization , YPIDA Family will never give up to spend effort for the world peace.

In this context, we would like to thank YDRC, ALROWWAD, PASSIA Foundation, Turkish Jerusalem Embassy, and all participants, for their support to our project. We hope and believe that we can all change the world together and leave a peaceful world to the generations that come after us.

Onur Oguz Dellal
Founder Director of YPIDA


Eid Mubarek – Ramazan Bayramı Mesajı

We wish you a happy and blessed Eid.

Tum Islam aleminin Ramazan Bayramını kutlarız. Allah’tan tüm dünyaya barıs, hosgoru ve aklı selimligi hakim kalmasını tüm kalbimizle temenni ederiz.