The purpose of Youth Participation and Intercultural Dialogue Association (YPIDA) is to unite the world’s youth across cultures, religions, languages and backgrounds.

YPIDA paired with the leadership of founder and director Onur Oguz Dellal was established in 2008 in Ankara, Turkey as a non-governmental organization with the mission of uniting young people around the world as a means of finding solutions to the challenges confronting society. Within our networks and partnerships extending internationally, we offer a support system that targets the growth and interpersonal development of the lives we affect and the vision we inspire.

YPIDA focuses around building global networks with the mission to dissolve problems pertaining to youth through mobility, education, training and dialogue by means of non-formal education.

From the issues an individual faces to their eventual world wide response, YPIDA’s aim is to foster the talents and skills of future generations towards adapting a new enterprise for change. Our goal is to reshape today’s society into a more tolerant and educated world. We are a team that builds connections, and a network that sustains them.

Since we have been established, YPIDA has materialized its vision by successfully orchestrating several  local, national and international projects.

We have thriving experience with Erasmus+, and are the collaborators and key networking advisors within several international programs We have organized international mobility projects such as training courses, seminars, conferences, exchanges, and workshops.

In YPIDA we focus on further developing solutions to issues ranging from local to global scales, and to pass these solutions on to the multinational society of youth.

Today, we are a dedicated community of educated volunteers with a special focus on encouraging self-development and progressive action in the world’s youth. YPIDA has created sustainable relationships with partners by cooperating with various organizations in Europe, Middle East, Balkans, Caucasus, North Africa, South Korea and the United States.  

During our adventure we have established first representative office in Berlin in 2013. Barcelona was followed by Berlin and we established a representative office in this lovely city in 2016. After Barcelona we finally reached one of our dreams and organized a project in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Hebron. After the successful project we established representative office in Hebron, Palestine. We are looking for established more representative offices around the world.

Achievements of YPIDA over 10 years of success:

  • Over 30 Erasmus+ Program projects has been carried out;
  • Over 1000 participants from 40 different countries were hosted;
  • Nearly 50 projects have been jointly owned and more than 250 young people have been sent to these projects;
  • Has been cooperated with more than 300  organizations and institutions;
  • Branched out in 3 different countries;
  • Budget management over EUR 850,000 has been carried out.