YPIDA International is a non-governmental organization working in the field of intercultural dialogue and active participation of youth in social and economical life.

YPIDA International, with the leadership of founder chairman Onur Oguz Dellal established in 2008 in Ankara with the mission to bring young people around the World together in order to find solutions to challenges in society and support their interpersonal development.
We have changed life’s of young citizens by organizing an international mobility projects such as trainings, seminars, conferences, exchanges, partnership building activities, workshops, course, events.
We have cooperated with several organizations and institutions from Europe, Middle East, Caucasus and North Africa and have created sustainable partnerships. YPIDA within the 2017-2020 strategy program, focusing on strengthening the network that we have created and developing sustainable solutions from local to global level as the multinational youth network.
In this matter, beside the Head Office Ankara and branch in Istanbul, two new branches have been established in Berlin 2014 and in Barcelona 2016.

Today, YPIDA International with huge experience and activities operates as strong and young network where young people can be part in reshaping the world.

Please follow the link below for watching our presentation by Prezi.

YPIDA Presentation

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