Dear friends of YPIDA,

As YPIDA, we are pleased to announce that we have officially begun the work of the “Pomegranate” project which will take place in Berlin  between the dates are 02 – 10 September 2018, under the Erasmus + / Mobility of Youth Program.

We will discuss “social inclusion”, “integration”, “creativity” and “non-formal education” topics in Berlin, which is one of the most important capitals of the world in terms of multiculturalism, with the participation of 40 young people from 12 countries. You can download the info-pack file  HERE  which contains all the detailed information about the project.

If you live in or a citizen of one these countries and wish to take part in our participant list which is limited in number, please fill out the following online application form.

Germany, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Palestine, Spain

To be more informed and participate in our projects, please subscribe to our blog page and follow our social platforms.

Stay tuned


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YPIDA International

Youth Participation and Intercultural Dialogue Association (YPIDA), is founded on October 2008 in Ankara for supporting the development of youth in order to become active citizens and to participate in social and democratic life in their societies.
Today, YPIDA is creating new strategies and goals based on the needs of today's world and establishing new branches in order to have more direct contact with youth in different countries and is about to be officially registered as INGYO with headquarters in Berlin, Germany.

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