We will be in Italy


The “AREN’T WE ALL MISMATCHED SOCKS?” project, in which YPIDA  is a partner, will be held in Bari – Italy between the dates 04 – 12 September 2018,  with the participation of 40 youth and team leaders from Italy, Poland, Bulgaria,France, Romania, Malta, The Netherlands and Turkey.

The project is the result of a shared visions and aimed towards bringing a group of youths together in order to take a look at the various reasons that can lead to conflicts ensuing as well as to discuss and brainstorm different solutions to lessen the amount of conflicts that break out. Youth will have a chance to voice their own opinions and take a more active role in society. We will discuss how conflicts on a social, national, regional and international level affect us and how we can come together to counteract the negative effects of such conflicts.

As YPIDA family, we support youth work no matter where in the world and we continue to work to improve the societies we live in.

For more information please download infopack below.


Derneğimizin ortak olarak yer almış olduğu “AREN’T WE ALL MISMATCHED SOCKS?” projesi 04 – 12 Eylül 2018 tarihleri arasında Italya’nın Bari şehrinde, EUROSUD’un ev sahipliğinde, İtalya, Polonya, Hollanda, Romanya, Bulgaristan, Malta, Fransa ve Türkiye’den,  40 genç ve ekip liderlerinin katılımı ile gerçekleştirilecektir.

Proje kapsamında ülkemizden 5 arkadaşımız bizleri temsil etmek için projeye katılım gösterecektir. Projeye katılmak isteyen arkadaşlarımızın aşağıdaki başvuru formunu doldurarak 15 Haziran 2018 tarihine kadar office@ypida.org adresine göndermeleri gerekmektedir.

Projenin içeriğine yönelik bilgilere ve teknik detaylara ulaşmak için lütfen “infopack” dosyasını indiriniz.

YPIDA ailesi olarak dunyanin neresinde olursa olsun genclik calismalarini destekliyor ve yasamis oldugunuz toplumlari gelistirmek icin calismaya devam ediyoruz.




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YPIDA International

Youth Participation and Intercultural Dialogue Association (YPIDA), is founded on October 2008 in Ankara for supporting the development of youth in order to become active citizens and to participate in social and democratic life in their societies.
Today, YPIDA is creating new strategies and goals based on the needs of today's world and establishing new branches in order to have more direct contact with youth in different countries and is about to be officially registered as INGYO with headquarters in Berlin, Germany.

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