Celebration of Eid

The Board of Directors and Working Team of YPIDA gathered at Zoom to celebrate the Ramadan feast 2021.
Issues related to current projects and activities carried out by YPIDA, were discussed during the meeting.
We wish a lot of joy, happiness, heatlh and peace to the world.

e-Debate Project has started

Are you ready to demonstrate your debating skills?
If you want to develop your communication competencies and meet new friends from different countries then you have enough reason to join us..

The Intercultural e-Debate Project has started, sponsored by Deutsche-Türkische Jugendbrcücke gGmbH and in cooperation with VSOW Association from Berlin.

As we all know, the Covid-19 pandemic process continues to affect our lives, creating challenges that we have to figure out. Although many of us would like to return to our old lifestyles, we know we are being faced with long-term impacts. We are beginning to see the permanent effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on our lifestyles.
As a youth organization, we believe that it is highly important to focus on the positive aspects of these quickly changing times. We think that one of the positive effects is that digital learning creates educational opportunities for more young people.
However, every change and innovation creates a new adaptation process. As an NGO operating in the field of youth and education on a global scale, we did not hesitate to take responsibility to help young people adapt to digital learning.
In this context, we are happy to share with you the Intercultural e-Debate Project, which we have been developing for a while.
The Intercultural e-Debate is an online learning platform where the skills of communication and debating are developed and participants internalized online intercultural learning.
The Project aims to bring young people living in different parts of the world together on online platform and aims for young people to debate after a series of educational and cultural activities.

In line with our schedule, the participant selection process will be held in the end of April 2021 and activities will be held in May 2021.
We would like to thank Deutsche-Türkisch Jugendbrücke gGmbH for the contribution to our project and also VSOW Association for the cooperation.

You can access the application form link, activity timeline and more information in the project guide. Please click on the link below to download the project guide.

You can also acces the application form link here:



The Workshop on the Prevention and Eradication of School Violence in Europe

The Workshop on the Prevention and Eradication of School Violence in Europe conducted by IPYG has been successfully carried out on the online platform with the collaboration and contribution of the YPIDA, and the following organizations.
Psychological Office “Safe Place Döbling”,
Rotaract Romania&Republic of Moldova,
Romania Youth Council (CTR),
School Social work Tyrol,
Education Research Unit – former ISE
Federal Parents Council.
Head of the YPIDA, Onur Oguz Dellal made the opening speech within the scope of the program