The Intercultural e-Debate begin soon

We are finally starting the e-debate online activity.
To participate in this activity, all you need to do is form a team of three and fill out the form and submit it.

Please CLICK HERE to access the e-form

You can download the presentation from the link below.


The Intercultural e-Debate

Online Learning Activity  for Mediators Project in Response to the Covid-19 Situation:

As we all know, the Covid-19 pandemic process continues to affect our lives, creating challenges that we must figure out and navigate. Although many of us would like to return to our old lifestyles, we know we are being faced with long term impacts. We are beginning to see the permanent effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on our lifestyles. As a youth organization, it is highly important we focus on the positive aspects of these quickly changing times. In this context, we believe that the digitalization of education will provide accessibility to education for more young people at a global level.

We believe that the European Union Commission thinks like us and therefore understands the great importance to digitalization of education. We begin to see that in the European Youth Strategy, created in 2018, the topic of digitalization in education was already being introduced.

Being aware of these long-term changes, we must continue to equip ourselves with online learning tools to better handle the digitalization age we are moving towards.

In another note, as our followers and project partners know, the project named Mediators that we will realize in Jerusalem and Bethlehem within the scope of Erasmus + Program was approved before the pandemic process. Originally, we planned to realize the project in May  of 2020. However, the pandemic process caused us to delay our plans until the summer months of 2021.

In the light of the information, comments and hopes we have shared above, we are pleased to announce that we have decided to  carry out an online activity of an online debate, in preparation for some workshops of the Mediators Project that will be held in Jerusalem and Bethlehem in the third quarter of 2021. 

We point out that some of our participants will be selected after the online debate sessions.  

We hope and believe that the Mediators Project will bring us luck at the starting point of a long journey that will contribute to the development and education of more young people on the online learning platform as YPIDA.

All the details of the online activity of the Mediators Project will be shared soon on our website. 

Stay with us


Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic

Dear youth and followers of YPIDA Family,
We are truly sorry to hear and follow the news on coronavirus pandemic. YPIDA is standing against this virus and ready to take any actions to fight against it with all of ours branches. Today we feel the pain of those who lost families and all of our thoughts and prays are with them.
Solidarity and helping each other will be the key to overcome this bad days of our world as always.
As YPIDA, we are keep working from today to make out tomorrow’s better after we come through this pandemic.
Please keep safe, stay at home, respect the social distance and let’s continue helping eachother to have better future all together.